Embrace the Beginning

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind there are few.” – Shunryu Suzuki

When starting over or jumping into something entirely new like starting a business, there is naturally going to be twinges of fear and uncertainty. There is often a lot to learn, you’re no longer the expert or top in your field, and undoubtedly there will be mistakes (aka invaluable lessons) that will be part of your future.

With all that said, there is a certain excitement and down right exhilaration that swells up when you start something new.  The horizon seems endless.  Options are everywhere. You can go in any and all directions.  You can add a uniquely different spin; one only you could come up with.  You can blend all of your passions. There are new people to meet.  There are new books to read. New coffee shops to explore. There may be new classes or workshops to take.  New mentors to seek out.  It’s like opening up a brand new journal with loads of pristine blank pages.  You get to fill it in however you want.

Yes you will experience fear and self-doubt which is natural when you step outside your comfort zone but push past it and comfortably embrace the wonder of starting something new.

As for me… this week I start something very new and outside my comfort zone.  

What I discovered is that my passion and need to do this outweighed all the fear and self-doubt that bubbled up.  Yes, I did do a lot of tapping to move through any outdated beliefs and I’m sure I’ll be tapping as certain anxious thoughts arise.  

Stay tune… It will be an adventure.  
Role Models Wanted

The 10-min tap-along video will help you embrace the beautiful beginner’s mind.


*If you’re new to tapping – please watch the following intro video and point location diagram.  Click here. *